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QR Cards - Whats the fuss ?


QR Cards are becoming increasingly popular because it provides a new way of interacting with information.

QR stands for Quick Response, and it is a matrix bar code or a 2D bar code; traditional bar codes are 1 dimensional.

QR Cards offer so many more possibilities than traditional cards because they allow the card to be dynamic. Traditional business cards are rather static forms of communication where information is simply passed. A person will give a prospect their contact information and the prospect will simply receive it. There has been tremendous work on innovating business cards to make them to interact with their prospects; nowadays you will see origami styled business cards where the user can somehow manipulate the card to shape it into new forms.

QR Code Business Cards are a giant leap forward in business card exchange. They engage with prospects in a much more interactive way that any traditional business card you’ve seen. When a QR Card is presented, your potential clients can scan the QR Code and be directed to a particular URL that contains all the information of interest. The website could be a particular site that was created specifically for smart phones, which in turn implies that they are optimized for mobile offers an application that not only generates QR Codes, it also generates virtual business cards accessible through a QR Code. Instead of redirecting your prospects to another website to see further information, they will be able to receive virtual information without having to go anywhere. Don’t wait any longer; start using QR Cards to engage your customers.

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