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Mummy Cards - What are they?

They are the newest trend in mummy networking, stylish chic business                                                                                                                cards for mums or playdate cards.

Use the mummy cards as a tool to:

  • Make new friends
  • Exchange information
  • Impress friends with just how organised you are
  • Keep your children safe – when leaving your children

  at parties, play dates, nurseries etc, the parents or

  carers will know exactly how to reach you

They can include the following details:

  • Your name
  • Your contact information – address, telephone number, email address, even website address
  • Your children’s information – D.O.B, names
  • Emergency contact information – Doctor, Dad’s mobile number
  • Any special medical conditions and allergies that you would like people to be aware of

Sometimes as a mother it can be hard to make new friends, especially as a new mum looking after her baby in the first few months. When you are sleep deprived at the playground, the pool, tumble tots, or rhythm time etc, just give out a mummy card on those great occasions when you feel you have connected with another mother. So easy!

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